On Friday 28th July, at PYC ( Palermo Youth Centre) in Villa Trabia –Palermo, Italy- Ceipes organized the dissemination event of the project “DLI@T: Digitally teachers on network”, with the title DLI@T your network!, opened to the participation of all those involved in the field of education, social inclusion and European projects.

For the final phase of piloting we worked closely with  teachers over four days in Turkey ( Ankara, Ödemiş and Istanbul), We presented them  the turkish version of our Booklet,  we have made them discover the main lines of the integration of technoloy to education : Analysis of the role of traditional education in society,  the role of digital media in society and education, Why it is common to have in harmoniousness between these two worlds? The explosion of the social dimension of the internet, Opportunities and Threats of social networks, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, Child protection etc.

Hi teachers are your ready to take part in our 20 hours training about digital technologies and education ? To learn more just follow us on our social media accounts.  During ou third meeting held in Barcelona 1-2 May 2017, we shaped the last version of our training modules. Our piloting course will take place separatly  in TR, UK, IT, ES. 

Consortium partner gatered to Nottingham their local datas in order to shape a new in-service training model. The differences between national education systems have been discussed. Tech habits, circumstances, tools and cultural barriers preventing the use of technology in education were tackled.

Hi Teachers, we need the valuable contribution of all of you to integrate a technology based approach to in service training. We kindly invite all of you to spend a few minutes to take part in our Survey. For this you need to subscribe, confirm your email address login and fill the survey as it is shown in the video. Thank you for being part and supporting our research.

Dli@t Second Transnational Meeting held in Palermo. Project partners updates on the project's progress, the timeline for intellectual outputs has been drafted, all partners will provide information about the current in-service training situation in each partner country in order to develop O1. The consortium adopted the view that the website should be reserved for teachers as a platform to learn and support each other.