“Digitally Literate Teachers on Networks” 2015-1-TR01-KA202-022342​

Erasmus + Programme, KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and The Exchange of good practices Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training.

Project duration: 24 months


The aim of the project is to develop taining modules for teachers in service to enhace their digital competences. The project idea, it's methodology, dissemination and sustainability/valorisation strategy have been designed to align with the general priorities of the new Erasmus+ Program. Within this project the consortium will enhance the quality of education by training teachers in-service in the important field of digital literacy, that is now considered aweak point in the in service training systems of our partner countries. So our target group it is formed by primary, secondary and high school teacher, coadiuvated by school managers and decision takers. Additionally, the project results and outcomes, especially the model of in-service training that we plan to create, will contribute to support continuous training of teachers and trainers.

In a previous Comenius Regio project (REFRESH) some of the present partners studied and evaluate current in-service training practices in seveal EU Member States and USA. It's core element is a regional and interregional assembly consisting of experts, stakeholders and decision takers, educational staff and administration as well as learners who meet on a regular basis for discussion and redefinition of organisation and content of teachers training. Dli@t project will customize this model for the educational system of all partner countries as a basic framework inside which a series of training modules will be created and further developed. We will thereby put into practice the theory of REFRESH, and we will pilot and evaluate the model in a very crucial sphere. the digital literacy of teachers in service.